Based on Jim Link’s award-winning book, Idea-Links: The New Creativity, Idea-Link® teaches creativity as a discipline to be learned and applied, not a latent skill that is magically unleashed through wackiness or play. This half or full-day workshop gives you a proven, no-nonsense method anyone can learn—and a specific plan any organization can follow—to become more creative.

“Just like Six Sigma gave us a common language around new product development, you’ve given us a common language for improving creativity.”


There is no more important skill in new products (and marketing in general) than positioning, yet it is consistently botched by even the best thinkers. This half or full day training session is appropriate for both new and experienced marketers, as well as non-marketers. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of what positioning is, why it exists, where to find inspiration for positioning ideas and finally how to craft a positioning

“Great information to challenge some “conventional” understandings/tribal knowledge. Good foundation for future sessions and much debate to “conventional” practices. See immediate practical applications. Energizes me to learn much more.”

Ideation Facilitation

While some companies like to hire outside facilitators, more are choosing to have their own internal facilitators as well. This two to three-day training session teaches your employees how to plan an ideation, develop exercises to stimulate new ideas, successfully facilitate a small group, and manage the output.

“Style was perfect—open to meeting our needs and answering our questions. Modeled the training to our needs.”