Idea-Link®, Inc. is a Twin Cities-based idea company started by Jim Link, author of the book IDEA-LINKS: The New Creativity. Idea-Link®, Inc. helps organizations generate, refine and position new ideas. Since 1994, Idea-Link® has brought new thinking to many of the world’s biggest and brightest corporations.

About Idea-Link

Idea-Link® Inc. was started in 1994 by Jim Link. While working in new products at General Mills, Jim shook his head in disbelief at the large consulting firms who’d plop down over-priced black binders filled with uninspired thinking, and then flit away without a backward glance to milk the next company.

With an insider’s understanding of what companies really need, Jim created one of the world’s first idea companies, with the sole focus of helping companies generate, refine and position great ideas. Fulfilling Jim’s vision, Idea-Link® Inc. is a company that:

  • Provides continuity throughout the idea-development process
  • Jumps in quickly to help out at any stage of the game
  • Remains an ongoing resource for ideas and new thinking
  • Honorably accounts for every dollar invoiced
  • Deliberately stays under the radar to keep the focus on the client
  • It’s a strategy that works, and Jim’s long list of grateful, repeat clients attests to that fact.

As the idea-generation industry has developed and matured, Jim Link and company have stayed reliably fresh, nimble, and original. Idea-Link® continues to bring the experience of an insider and the enthusiasm of an entrepreneur to each new project.


Idea-Link® helps companies generate, refine and position new product and service ideas.


  • Ideation
  • Concept writing
  • Consumer/customer insight research


  • Consumer/customer research
  • Concept optimization


  • Positioning development
  • Naming



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